Crochet this Baby Reindeer Headband with me now

Don’t we all love cute things to wear on our head and hair? I for one, love headbands but even more when it has animals ears on it. So today, I propose you to crochet this Baby Reindeer headband with me. It’s a beginner-friendly pattern, easy and fast to make. If you want to gift your kids something adorable, then this pattern is the right one for you!

Material – Crochet Baby Reindeer Headband

  • Cotton yarn DK weight (4), of three different colors: brick brown, dark brown and pink
  • a thin plastic craft headband (you can find them on Amazon)
  • 3 mm crochet hook


ch : chain

sl st : slip stitch

sc : single crochet

hdc : half double crochet

dc : double crochet

tr : treble crochet

inc : increase

dec : decrease

Crochet Baby Reindeer Headband

First, we will start with the base headband by making a piece to slide the plastic headband into.

With the brick brown yarn, make a magic circle.

Round 1: 6 sc (6)

Round 2: (1 sc, sc inc) x 3 (9)

R3 to 98: 9 sc (9)

Slide the plastic headband inside the piece we just made:

R99: (1 sc, sc dec) x 3 (6)

Close the hole with a sewing needle.

The base headband is now made. Let’s proceed with the reindeer ears.

The Ears (x 2)

Make a magic circle with the brick brown yarn.

Round 1: 3 sc (3)

Round 2: sc inc x 3 (6)

R3: sc inc x 6 (12)

R4: (1 sc, sc inc) x 6 (18)

R5: (1 sc, sc inc, 1 sc) x 6 (24)

R6: sc inc, 9 sc, sc inc, 1 sc, sc inc, 9 sc, sc inc, 1 sc (28)

R7: 13 sc, sc inc, 13 sc, sc inc (30)

R8: 6 sc, sc inc, 1 sc, sc inc, 12 sc, sc inc, 1 sc, sc inc, 6 sc (34)

R9 to 10: 34 sc (34)

R11: 3 sc, sc inc, 9 sc, sc inc, 6 sc, sc inc, 9 sc, sc inc, 3 sc (38)

R12 to 16: 38 sc (38)

R17: 6 sc, sc dec, 9 sc, sc dec, 6 sc, sc dec, 9 sc, sc dec (34)

R18: 2 sc, sc dec, 10 sc, sc dec, 4 sc, sc dec, 8 sc, sc dec, 2 sc (30)

R19: (3 sc, sc dec) x 6 (24)

R20: (1 sc, sc dec, 1 sc) x 6 (18)

Cut the yarn and fasten off, leave a tail for sewing.

Inside the ears

With the pink yarn, make a magic circle.

Round 1: 6 sc (6)

Round 2: 6 sc inc (12)

R3: (1 sc, sc inc) x 6 (18)

R4: 1 sl st, 1 sc, (1 hdc, 1 dc), (3 dc), 1 hdc, 4 sc, 1 tr, 4 sc, 1 hdc, (3 dc), (1 dc, 1 hdc), 1 sc (24)

Finish the heart with an invisible join, cut yarn and leave a tail for sewing. Make two of them and sew them inside the ears.

The antlers (x 4)

Ch 3, starting the 2nd loop from the hook (and working on the loop behind the stitches).

Note: finish each row with a ch 1 then turn.

Row 1 to 3: 2 sc (2)

R4: 1 sc, (4 sc in the next stitch) (5)

R5: 2 sc, 1 sl st, 2 sc (5)

R6: 2 sc (2)

R7: sc dec (1)

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Join the yarn back to row 5 in the sl st, then continue working the next row in the next 2 stitches.

R6: sc dec (1)

Cut yarn and fasten off, weave in the ends.

Make a total of 4 this way, then we will crochet 2 together (2 times) by working through the edges to make the outlines.

Crochet Baby Reindeer Headband

For the right antler start on the bottom right side and go this way: 7 sc, sc inc x 2 in the rounded top part, ch 1 then sl st in the previous sl st, ch 1 then on the next rounded part: sc inc x 2, ch 1, sl st back to the middle, 2 sc, ch 1, 2 sc on the bottom (in the 2 loops from the chain base) ch 1 sl st back to the 1st sc of the beginning. Cut yarn and leave a tail for sewing.

For the left antler, make 2 sides again like we previously did and join them together by following the opposite outline we did for the right side. I’ll be showing how to make the left side on my video tutorial, link will be below.

Finishing your crochet Baby Reindeer Headband

Now the only left thing to do is to sew the ears and the antlers on the headband.

Crochet Baby Reindeer Headband
Crochet Baby Reindeer Headband

And with this done, you have finished your cute Crochet Baby Reindeer Headband.

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