You can crochet these cute cat ears hair clips now

I wanted to gift my inner child the ultimate hair clips I would have loved to wear back then, and that’s how I got the idea to crochet cute cat ears as hair clips. If you are into cute stuff and love fancy accessories then these kawaii kitty ears hair clips are made for you. The faux fur yarn make them super soft and fluffy, in order to add to its cuteness. Let’s now see what you will need to crochet them…

Material – Crochet cat hair clips

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ch : chain

sc : single crochet

inc : increase

R : Rounds

Crochet cute Cat ears Hair clips

Start with a magic circle.

Round 1 : 4 sc (4)

Round 2 : sc inc, 1 sc, sc inc, 1 sc (6)

R3 : 1 sc, (3 sc in the next stitch), 2 sc, (3 sc in the next stitch), 1 sc (10)

R4 : 2 sc, (3 sc in the next stitch), 4 sc, (3 sc in the next stitch), 2 sc (14)

R5 : 3 sc, sc inc, 6 sc, sc inc, 3 sc (16)

R6 : 4 sc, sc inc, 7 sc, sc inc, 3 sc (18)

R7 : 4 sc, sc inc, 8 sc, sc inc, 4 sc (20)

R8 : 5 sc, sc inc, 9 sc, sc inc, 4 sc (22)

R9 : 5 sc, sc inc, 10 sc, sc inc, 5 sc (24)

R10 : 6 sc, sc inc, 11 sc, sc inc, 5 sc (26)

R11 : 26 sc (26)

Cut yarn and weave in ends. Make 2 ears this way.

Crochet cat hair clips

Now cut 2 triangles shape into the pink felt fabric, with rounded corner and smaller than the ears, then sew them on the ears.

Crochet cat hair clips

Then put some glue at the bottom inside of the ears to glue the hair clips on them as shown in the picture below. The top of the hair clip should fit inside the ears while the bottom should be outside.

Crochet cat hair clips

And voilà you have finished your new pair of crochet cat ears hair clips.

Let me know in the comments down below if you have any suggestions or ideas for other hair clips designs, I would love to hear from you, I’ll be making more hair clips in the future so your opinion matters a lot. Don’t forget to bookmark the website to not miss any of the future patterns. Also you can follow me on my social media (links are on the sidebar), on tiktok I uploaded a video of me making a bowl of cereal incense holder with air dry clay, I’m sure you will love it. See you in the next one :).

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