art is my therapy embroidery pattern

Art Is My Therapy Embroidery Pattern

It has been said that art can be therapeutic and help treat people with psychological disorders. As someone who had been through my fair share of psychological and mental illnesses, I know that art, craft and hobbies in general helped me a lot in rebuilding and improving my self-esteem and self appreciation. This was the first thing that inspired my embroidery design “Art is my therapy”.

The second inspiration was my little sister. She loves painting and art. So I thought about something: what if I incorporated painting within my embroidery? After a few researches, I saw that many people mix embroidery and painting together, and manage to create some absolutely gorgeous pieces of art. And here I come, with my own illustration and embroidery pattern that I’ve made “Art is my therapy”.

art is my therapy embroidery pattern
Art is my therapy embroidery pattern

For this pattern, you will have the illustration design pdf only, with no instructions. You have the choices to use the colors, stitches and painting you want and make this design your own.

You can purchase it on my Gumroad store for 3.75 euros here :

If you’re new to embroidery, you might want to purchase a good beginner kit right there:

Tips for Art is My Therapy Pattern:

Start your embroidery by the painting first. Make sure to paint your fabric once it is set on your embroidery hoop. Paint the parts where you are not going to embroider.

Paint your fabric with watercolor, gouache or acrylic depending on the effect you want to give to your painting. If you want a more opaque looking painting, you should go with acrylic or gouache. Watercolor will be used if you want to give a more translucent look to your painting.

When using watercolor or gouache, you can end up with some water stains on the fabric. To get rid of it, take a piece of coton fabric, moisten it with clear water and dab the whole fabric excluding the parts where you painted. This should remove any stains made by the water of your brush.

art is my therapy
Stains on the fabric because of water

Use some small beads and rhinestones to embellish your embroidery, and a pompom ribbon to glue around your hoop, just like I did.

You can share your finished embroidery with me on my social medias, I would love to see how it turned out when made by you!

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