Spongebob Porthole Wall Decor

Make This Cute Spongebob Porthole Wall Decor Now

Inspired by the famous cartoon Spongebob squarepants, I designed a cute porthole wall decor that will embellish and cutify your bedroom! This is a punch needle pattern, so make sure to have all the materials ready for it!


Spongebob Porthole Wall Decor
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How to make this Spongebob Porthole Wall Decor

Once you have downloaded the PDF file, print the illustration pattern on a A4 paper. Take your monk cloth and stretch it around your hoop before tracing the design onto it. Help yourself with either a light tablet or use the daylight through a window of your house.

SpongeBob Porthole Wall Decor
Trace the design on your fabric using a light tablet

You can use a regular pencil for tracing, that’s what I personally used myself.

You may start punch needling once you have finished tracing. I recommend you to start with the flowers, make the contour of the flowers and then add the blue inside them. Continue with the ocean blue inside the middle circle.

Little tip: punch the flowers edges a second time after you finished the ocean, it will make the flowers pop out more.

Afterward, you will work the details first before filling the bigger parts. When you have finished your porthole, apply the fabric glue on the back to hold the yarns together and secure it. Next, cut the fabric around your porthole, leaving a 1 cm space, then give little cuts around the fabric. Glue each piece on the back of the porthole.

SpongeBob Porthole Wall Decor
Give little cuts around the fabric to help you glue it on the back

Cut a round the same diameter of your porthole, on your felt fabric, then glue the felt fabric on the back of the porthole to finish it.

Finally, you will just have to hang your porthole on your wall after that!

The PDF Download Link

The illustration pattern is FREE to download on my Gumroad store here: https://atelierdelilah.gumroad.com/l/oacjhf

You will just have to enter 0 on the price box and fill in your email address when asked. (of course you can make, a highly appreciated, donation if you want to – as usual no pressure at all).

Spongebob Porthole Wall Decor

Let me know what you think about this new design and, if you make it, don’t hesitate to share the result with me on my different social media, I would love to see your finished piece.

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