How to make a magic circle

Oh how I remember the long hours it took me to learn how to make my first ever magic circle, watching a video tutorial and pausing every second to understand which strand of yarn goes where. Crochet was supposed to be fun, but learning how to make this flippin’ circle, which by the way is nowhere near magical, was a struggle. No, it was actually a nightmare, let’s be honest. So let me make this simple for you the best I can, and teach you how to make a magic circle easily with my “alphabet” method.

How To Make A Magic Circle
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How to make a magic circle : The alphabet method

First start by making the letter P with your strand of yarn, making sure that its end is on the bottom of the P.

Make a P

With the strand of yarn attached to the skein, make a reverse S next to the P.

Reverse S next to the P

Pick your top loop of the S and slide it under and inside the P’s loop.

Slide the loop inside the P

Turn the loop once, clockwise.

Take the loop out and above of the P.

With the strand of yarn attached to the skein, make a U.

Slide the U inside the loop we just pull out of the P.

Pull the U’s loop out to the left.

Close the S’s loop tight by pulling the U and P on opposite directions, making an infinity sign shape.

Slide your hook in the U’s loop (the left one).

Pull the strand of yarn attached to the skein to tighten up the loop around your hook.

How To Make A Magic Circle

And voilà! You made your magic circle, you’re now good to go and work in rounds! To tighten the circle, you just have to pull the end of the yarn (the bottom of the P).

If you try out my method, let me know if you managed to follow the tutorial along and succeeded to make your magic circle, I would love to know if it helped you. Let me know in the comments below.

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