DIY Bookmarks Arabic and Japanese windows style

DIY Bookmarks Arabic and Japanese windows motif

Hello crafty friends! Today I wanted to share with you 2 free DIY bookmarks to make with your cutting machine and my pretty designs: an Arabic and a Japanese windows bookmarks. But before giving you the link to download it for FREE, let me explain first how to make it.

How to make your DIY bookmarks

When you download your zip file, you will find in the folder 4 png images to transfer to your cutting machine (cricut, silhouette cameo or else): the front and back of each bookmark.

The paper I recommend you to use is thick card stock paper (250 gsm) to make your bookmark solid enough. Use a slow speed on your software when cutting the Arabic window. It has a lot of small details, so for the machine to cut it out right, it is better to not have a fast speed. I used speed 4 on my silhouette cameo 4 pro to cut mine.

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bookmark ideas

Once you have cut the front and the back of the bookmark, you may paint a background on a different paper. Or you can print a picture or a drawing that will fit the dimension of the bookmark:

The Arabic motif bookmark is: 5,8 cm x 21 cm

The Japanese motif bookmark is: 5,3 cm x 21,2 cm

I personally painted the backgrounds with gouache using references I found on pinterest. The palette I used is the Himi palette, I love their gouache so I recommend it.

bookmark ideas

Let the paint dry then take your back window, glue your background on it, then pick your front window and glue it on your background.

bookmark ideas

And you will finally be done with your bookmark once everything is glued together!

Download Link

You can now download your zip file by clicking this link:

You have to unzip it to access to the bookmarks folder which contains the 4 png images. No need to resize them once you open them in your cutting machine’s software. Unless you want to make them bigger or smaller than their original sizes.

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DIY bookmarks
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As usual you can share with me your work by posting it and tagging me on my different social media, I would love to see how you decorated your own bookmarks! And leave me a comment below if you have anything to say. Or if you have any suggestion for another bookmark design you would love to find on my website. I’m always open for any suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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