Let’s make these adorable bookmarks with your cutting machine!

We previously made 2 windows bookmarks inspired by the Arabian/Islamic design and the Japanese style and pattern. This time I wanted to pay homage to my two countries: Algeria and France, by making two different windows pattern following the architecture and beautiful designs we have in these two countries. I will elaborate more later, but for France I choose to make a “Galerie des Glaces” inspired window, while for the Algerian one, I reproduced the pattern of the Great Mosque of Algiers’s Dome. So let’s make these adorable bookmarks together!

What you will need – Let’s make these adorable bookmarks

You will need the same things as the other bookmarks, that is to say:

Cardstock paper 250 gsm,

Your cricut or silhouette cutting machine,

Some glue,

You will also either need some watercolor paper, or any paper, to draw, paint or print your background on. Now let’s make these adorable bookmarks!

The French Bookmark

This bookmark is inspired by the Galerie des Glaces of Château de Versailles, the famous palace which was beloved to the king Louis XIV. This place is so precious to me as I have one of my best memory there. When I was an elementary school student, we visited this gorgeous palace with my class. I was so stunned by the beauty of each room, but the moment we entered the Galerie des glaces with its multiples windows and mirrors, it gave me literal chills. It was so beautiful that no word can describe it perfectly. I remember visualizing in my mind people dancing there with their renaissance fashion style. It was magical.

But the moment I loved the most was the treasure hunt we played in the Palace’s gardens. We would look for letters which contained riddles about the history of the Palace and its architecture. As I’m typing this, I’m reliving it again in my mind, and the feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me. If you go to France one day, be sure to visit this Palace, you will not regret it!

For the background I painted with gouache, the garden and the palace view from outside.

Let's make these adorable bookmarks

To cut the windows, you just have to drop the png files in your cutting machine’s software and cut them as you usually do. Make sure that the speed doesn’t exceed 6 (for the silhouette cameo 4).

The Algerian Bookmark

When working on the design for this bookmark, I remembered the beautiful Great Mosque of Algiers “Djamaa El Djazair” and its beautiful Andalusian designs. Algeria, the biggest country of Africa, has inaugurated in 2020, its new mosque which is the 3rd biggest mosque in the world and the 1st biggest mosque in Africa. The first time I saw it, I was speechless. I was amazed and intimidated by its super tall minaret, which by the way, can be seen from communes afar of the center of Algiers. I could see it while being in the port of La perouse, a commune which is on the east side of the province of Algiers (while the Mosque is at the center of the province).

As for the background, I choose to paint a street of the Kasbah of Algiers. This historic algerian city is listed as a World Heritage Site by the Unesco.

How to make bookmarks

Once you have cut your windows, and painted your background, it is time to assemble the pieces together. Glue the background on the back window, then the front window on the background. And you will be done.

The dimensions of the bookmark are:

The French one: 4,5 x 15,4 cm

The Algerian one: 4,8 x 16,3 cm

Let's make these adorable bookmarks

Link to download the png files for FREE: https://atelierdelilah.gumroad.com/l/fajjo

Let me know which one do you prefer, and which country should I make a bookmark of? I want to know!

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